Cap-Haitien, Haiti

Cap-Haitien is a city approaching to one million people on the north coast of Haiti. It is the capital of the North department. Due to its proximity to wide Caribbean beaches to its northwest, Cap-Haitien has traditionally been a resort and vacation destination for many vacationers. The central area of the city is located between the Bay of Cap-Haitien to the east, and nearby mountainsides to the west. A popular destination on Cap Haitien is the Citadelle and Sans Souci. The view offered by La Citadelle is very impressive and breathtaking: Cuba can be spotted on a clear day. Sans Souci was King Henri Christophe`s royal palace. It was the administrative capital and is located in the town of Milot just down the mountain from the Citadelle Laferrierre. Sans Souci Palace also includes a printing shop, garment factories, a hospital, schools, a distillery chapel and military barracks.

Fort Lauderdale’s sister city, Cap Haitien, is the second largest city in Haiti.  Over the years, GFLSCI has been organizing humanitarian and environmental programs to benefit the citizens of Haiti, the poorest country in our western hemisphere. Some of the GFL Sister Cities most recent programs are described below including the A Dollar A Tree Program, allowing reforestation of the barren hillsides, preventing mudslides during the rainy season and the  the Farm Tools for Haiti Program, empowering impoverished individuals to grow crops for the hungry.

In early 2009, Fort Lauderdale Sister Cities Board of Directors voted to make our Sister City, Cap Haitien, Haiti, the special focus at all our Fort Lauderdale events for the entire year. This provided the Environmental Committee with a spotlight to promote our project in the community. Funds raised at Sister City events gave us the initial resources to launch the program.  Shortly after, several private citizens and schools gave important contributions with which we continued the program. Now we had enough resources to accomplish vital elements of the project that we did not foresee in the initial stages.